Debian Media Cover/Label Generator

This page will allow you to generate covers and labels for your Debian media sets easily and with a common look. You just need to fill out the fields below, if anything is missing, if you have problems or suggestions don't hesitate to contact Robert Lemmen <>.

Since I started with Debian's official open use logo, my artwork inherits: copyright 1999 by Software in the Public Interest. It is also copyright 2004 by Robert Lemmen. You may use, copy, modify and redistribute it in accordance with the terms of the Debian Open Use Logo License. (This essentially means you can use it freely, even for commercial purposes).

If you need the code for this for whatever reason, it's here. It's mainly ripped from cdlabelgen, and (like it) licensed under the GPLv2. In the moment it's pretty messy and undocumented (which will improve, i promise!), so you might want to drop me a line for some hints. Please note that if you want to create special CDs that can't be created with this script for whatever reason, it might be an option to generate the closest postscript output possible and then edit it by hand, most of the options/text can be changed quite easily.

General options affecting the output:
Theme:For enhanced contrast select "Grayscale" if you are not planning to print on a color printer
File Type:Postscript available too, make sure you don't apply any scaling when printing.
Paper Size:Works only for PDF output.
Output Type:
How to label the Volume:
Operating System:
Testing Codename:This is only used if you selected "testing" above
Set Type:You are allowed to use the Official designation only on CDs of which the image has a checksum that matches the one from the jigdo files of the official release. Any CD that has no matching checksum (e.g. your own creations) must be clearly labelled as Unofficial
CD:Other popular options are "Source-X", "netinst", "Live"...
Date (YYYY-MM-DD): - - This is only used if you selected "testing" or "unstable" as the release above
Label-specific options:
Center marks: Set to "No" if you are printing directly on the discs and your printer will print the center marks onto the tray otherwise
Offset X [mm]: mm
Offset Y [mm]: mm
Don't forget to give me some feedback on how to improve this service, especially if you are using the labels!